Toilet Repair Winston-Salem NC

Toilet Repair Winston-Salem NC

Winston-Salem Plumbers provides high-quality toilet repair services at affordable prices. 

Need A Professional Plumber to help with any toilet repair or installation work needed in your home? We can provide high-quality bathroom plumbing services at affordable prices. 

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Toilet Repair & Installation

The toilet might be one of the hardest working appliances or fixtures in your home. 

Leaking, broken, or clogged toilets can and will immediately cause stress and dread – not to mention money and water wasted – and will inevitably affect the entire family. 

It is truly the one plumbing related problem no one wants to deal with at any time.  

But not to worry, we at Winston-Salem Plumbers can handle all your toilet repair and replacement needs. 

Our plumbing experts understand how disruptive a malfunctioning toilet can be and will ensure that your commode works properly and won’t cause future problems.  

Any work on your toilet can’t wait and needs to be done immediately.

Whether you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, change your current toilet to a more modern unit, replace your toilet’s handle and chain or repair a leaking supply pipe, our professional plumbers can help you. 

Common Toilet Issues

Since the toilet is used a lot in any home, it is prone to problems – especially the older it gets. 

Here are a few of the most common problems your toilet might be experiencing.

Several things could cause these problems – the float arm might need repairs, a broken toilet chain, the gate valves might be malfunctioning, or a curious child might have flushed a toy down the toilet.

Clogged toilets particularly can strike terror in any heart when you flush and see the water start to rise instead of drain away

Whatever the cause, our reliable team of plumbers will diagnose the problem quickly and recommend how to solve it.

We also offer 24-hour emergency services in case your toilet backs up or needs expert unclogging even in the middle of the night. 

Repair or Replace?

As toilets get older, they will naturally begin to show their age and become less effective and reliable. 

It might be using more water to flush – as is the case with most toilets that are 15 years or older, costing you more money. 

If your toilet has developed a crack, or you find yourself always having to replace its hardware, then it might be more cost-effective to replace it with a modern toilet. 

Modern Toilets: No more flushing your cash away.

The new generation of toilets now available in the market are technological marvels with water-saving features such as high-pressure flushers and dual flush modes so you can select how much water you need to use when flushing.  

There are even bidet toilets as well as toilets with heated and self-disinfecting seats too.  

If you decide to install a new toilet, we can do the job – from helping you decide which new unit is best for your needs and even having to re-pipe or adjust all connections if needed.   

So call us today if you need your toilet inspected, repaired, or installed by a full-service plumbing company you can trust.

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